6 Tips For More Visitors To Your Event

An event without visitors simply cannot be a success … That is why I am giving you 15 tips in this blog that you can use to reach potential visitors.

Tip 1: Before you start

Before you start promoting your event, your target group must be 100% known.

You can, for example, ask the following questions:

  • Where do they live?
  • What is the average age?
  • Is it mainly men or women?
  • What are their interests?

If you paint a good picture of your customers, you also have a good basis for determining where and through which channels your promotion will be most efficient. Of course, you only want to promote where potential customers will see it.

Tip 2: Facebook event

With more than 1 billion users, the chances are that a number of people on Facebook will be interested in your event. This is where the information about your target group comes in handy.

  1. Create an event on Facebook. Just follow the steps. It is very easy. Are you stuck? Then look at https://www.facebook.com/business/help/380628382074604
  2. Invite friends, acquaintances, and relations.
  3. Promote your event. Click to promote the event and follow the steps. Here you can clearly state who the target group is.
  4. You can also give away free tickets via Facebook. Ask to like your page, share your mail and reward some lucky ones with two tickets (in the hope that the winners will also bring a lot of friends and acquaintances).
  5. Invite action to Facebook visitors by posting a riddle, poll, or funny message, asking a question, or letting people think along about the content of the event. Make sure you respond quickly to comments and give people attention.
  6. Provide beautiful photos and an attractive header. The eye wants something too!

Tip 3: Sponsor another event

Find an event that has about the same target group as the people you would like to see at your event. Advertise there through sponsorship or an advertisement on their flyer is best way selling event tickets online. Be sure to show your face at that event. Don’t forget your business cards and make sure you have more information on your website.

Tip 4: Use Twitter

Use Twitter to get in touch with people who may be interested in your event.

  1. Go to http://www.twitter.com/search
  2. Enter a keyword that is related to the subject of your event (for example, beauty, school leavers, art, flora and fauna, trance music, 80’s & 90’s, etc …)
  3. Give a valuable response with a link to the page with information about the event.

Tip 5: Send out a press release

Local newspapers, magazines, or trade journals sometimes also include information about local events. If you send out a well-written press release, there is a good chance that they will watch this with attention. This is free advertising. You can supplement this with an advertisement later in the magazine.

Tip 6: Distribute flyers

The most traditional way of promotion but still very effective. In addition to being able to determine yourself to whom you give a flyer, distributing flyers in the street increases the number of participants. If you want to reach a broader target group, you can also put up posters at, for example

  1. Have your flyer designed
  2. Put together an excellent team to hand out the flyers
  3. Spread your flyers

Tip 7: Use your website

Online you probably have your website as a base. Make sure that interested visitors end up on a nice landing page and immediately see where they can register or buy tickets. You do well to pay attention to your website so that you are found well in the search engines (SEO). You can do this yourself by reading this blog on how to SEO based website For Events

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