Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Sump Pump

sump pump

If your home in Australia has a basement and a low water table then you will need a sump pump to discharge the flooding water before it causes any damage. These pumps remove excess water from your basement and take it where you want it. Most homeowners in Australia can install pumps with common household tools. When choosing the right pump, you have two main options: manually operated or automatic pump. When choosing the right pump, consider the following things.

Base type

Choose a pump according to its base type. Pumps can be submersible or they can come with pedestal mounts. A pedestal-mounted pump uses the float system to turn your pump on and rainwater from an area. On the other hand, a pedestal-mounted pump is cheaper compared to a submersible pump but it must be mounted so that the motor doesn’t get wet. Submersible pumps sit below the level of the water and they are ideal for basements that flood during rainy seasons. Submersible pumps don’t make noise and last longer than pedestal-mounted pumps. If your home has children then a submersible pump is safer.


Another thing to consider when choosing a pumpin Australia is the horsepower. Choose a pump for the needed power to empty the water from your basement. A pump that has a longer distance to discharge water requires more horsepower to do the work. Pumps come in various levels of horsepower based on the usage and need. Most standard homes’ basements require a sump pump in Australia with 1/3 horsepower. The horsepower of the pump determines the gallons per hour removed. Make sure you review all the specifications of each pump to choose a pump that meets your needs. You can get this important information on the label of the pump. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website to search for this information.

Capacitive switch

Choose a pump that has a capacitive switch for a smooth automatic operation. The pump switch is used to regulate the pump and turns it on and off. Pumps come with a variety of switches to do this task. Some pumps function automatically while others must be turned on. Pumps that have capacitive switches come with a microprocessor that helps to measure the water level and switches the pump on in case the water reaches the set level at the sump basin. The switch doesn’t have any mechanical parts that can get damaged or worn out.

Other switches

Choose a pump that has a vertical switch that turns the pump on or off automatically. It is important to understand that vertical switches cannot be adjusted as they move vertically and turn the pump on at the pre-set level. The vertical switch is installed at a right angle to the water. Pumps with the vertical switch fit in small places. However, they must be free from obstruction. Another type of switch in Australia is the diaphragm which uses the pressure level of the water to send a signal to the sump pump to start or stop.

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