Read to know the 7 Best Work from Home Jobs in India

Read to know the 7 Best Work from Home Jobs in India

With Covid-19 becoming a pandemic, the year 2020 has raised the demand for work from home jobs. In the present scenario, India is sustaining its economy and hence most people look for regular earning to maintain their living standards. The culture of work from home is trying to find its roots in India and most companies, therefore, have started hiring for efficient and effective professionals for such jobs. In this article, we will tell you the best jobs you may opt for to earn your living through work from home opportunities in India.

So, whether you are facing lockdown or no lockdown, here are 7 best work from home jobs that you may start with to make a great career:

Virtual Assistant: With India becoming a hub for startups, its no wonder that most companies establish their entire businesses online hence, they hire a virtual assistant to establish a proper arrangement, keep the business organized and work on various administrative tasks. These businesses treat these virtual assistants as a permanent virtual employee and give them login credentials and VPN access as they work from remote locations and support multiple clients in different industries. India has a huge potential for this work from home job opportunities as virtual assistants and also this is one of the highly paid job profiles in this category.

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Data Entry Jobs: Data is of prime importance for most Indian companies and with long sheets of data companies need professionals to sort and organize their data to effectively and efficiently use it for better decision making. This is a very popular work from home job in India and just requires graduation as an educational requirement. To start with data entry jobs, one should have grip on a few data-oriented software such as excel, etc. 

Web Developer: Web development is a highly demanded profession in India. A web developer is a computer software programmer who is specifically engaged in the development of software and applications. Most companies hire potential candidates to support their web development activities. As lots of businesses today operate completely online hence, they hire potential web developers to do work from home jobs.  

Social Media Manager: Social Media Marketing has great job potential, Although, a lot of brands manage their social media in-house there are various brands that work on online platforms and require professionals to manage their brand over social media. This job requires candidates who have skills in social media marketing, search engine optimization, online reputation management, and content management. In addition, these jobs are best done by candidates who have hands-on training for Photoshop, Coral Draw, Canva, etc.

Freelance Writer: More than ever, the contemporary business requires freelance content writers to formulate new content, create blogs, make news articles and curate ideas to develop content that can be used to effectively engage the target audience on the internet. Although most big organizations have in-house writers, a growing number of companies outsource their content development work and hire freelance content writers and strategists who may work from remote locations such as their homes or any other location of their choice. The major skills that companies look for in a content writer are self-motivation, ambition, and ability to find unique angles for write-ups.

Online Business Consultant: If you have knowledge of aspects of business or you are subject expert and have skills to become a business consultant then you may explore and get high paying work from home jobs. There are various organizations that are on the constant look-out to hire potential employees who may assist them in financial or market consulting. Online consultants can work for various clients and can create an advanced resume to get better job opportunities.

Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing: This job gives amazing flexibility and works independence. If you are the one who likes to work on your own terms and conditions then this is the right job profile for you. There are various top companies that have achieved amazing results using network or multi-level marketing and hence they hire people to work from their home and promote these brands. The individuals who opt for this work from home job has to be confident and should know how to persuade people. This profession has great growth opportunities both financially and mentally.

Although, there is various other work from home jobs in India these are the 7-best work from home jobs you may opt for.

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