A Guide to Google Ads Video Ad Sequencing (VAS)

Video Ad sequencing

Video Ad sequencing works as a superior tool or feature for Google Ads that assist the various advertisers in showcasing their brands or products in the form story to the viewers. In other words, viewers or people get to see a sequence of videos in the form of a story to have a better understanding of the brands or products. This Video Ad sequencing, i.e. VAS, works as a great tool for SEO. SEO is search engine optimization, to know more about it, you can   conact an SEO company. VAS, i.e. video ad sequencing takes the viewers in a video storytelling journey about a particular content based on its targeted audience. By telling video storytelling, VAS gives or produces a deeper idea of content which comprises awareness, engaging information, and mindfulness.

Let’s say when you try to advertise your products or brands to the viewers like ‘4 Unique Feature of your Product’ and what makes you stand apart from your rival competitors. Now VAS will work as a video storytelling tool for your potential audience to make them see each video in a series form. This will deliver a better understanding of your products, brands, or content for your targeted audiences in a remarkable way. Thus, VAS makes a lot of sense to Google Ads in promoting your brands, products, and content to the targeted and potential audiences over the internet.

What’s extraordinary about VAS is that you can go ahead a flat series and shift the content a viewer sees, based upon how they connect with every video in the process. For instance, suppose a client avoids your first ad, instead of having them proceed through your series, you can say, show them a substitute video outside of your series. If they skip that as well, then you drop them altogether out of the series. However, with Video Ad Sequencing, you can tell your product or brand story by demonstrating individuals a series of videos in a sequence form. You can also use a video ad sequence campaign to build interest, emphasize a message, or construct a unique message for the potential audiences.

Another Benefit of Using Video Ad Sequencing

Another very popular benefit of video ad sequencing is that you can reward your user for viewing your content or calling out when they opt to skip your videos. You can also show your potential audience the video that they chose to skip in the sequence. In other words, you can show your potential audience an alternate video with the same engaging value-added content, or drop the video out of the sequence, or tell the audiences directly that they chose to skip your prior video yet you think this product or brand is right and value-added for them.  On the other hand, if a user sees your first video, you can place them into a series with longer-structure content for the second video, adequately making selective content that lone those viewers get the opportunity to see.

How Video Ad Sequencing Works?

Video advertisement sequencing is comprised of a series of video promotions that you’d prefer to show to an individual. Each series is comprised of a sequence of “steps.” Within each sequence of a series are an advertisement group and a video promotion. The greater part of a series’ settings are chosen at the beginning level, for example, a bidding methodology and focusing on—yet you’ll choose your sequencing rules, video format, and offer every one of your series’ steps. Viewers will see your series campaign once its running and the advertisements will appear in the order that you have characterized.

Based upon the settings you pick when including sequencing steps, a viewer’s advancement through your series depends on impressions, perspectives, or skips. For instance, for an individual to move to the second step in your sequence, an impression must be included for the video in the initial step.

What are the Bidding Strategies?

  • Video Format
  • Targeted CPM
  • Bumper Ads
  • Promotional Ad
  • Maximum CPV
  • Skippable and Non-Skippable Ad

However, the bidding method you choose for decides the format you will use for your video storytelling.  On the other hand, sequence or series video is only applicable to YouTube. Also, the sequence campaigns help you to find potential audiences along with Demographic targeting. But with keywords or topic, you cannot use targeting with the use of sequence campaign. As sequence campaign does not allow you to use the feature of targeting in any video. Whereas, potential audience and demographic targeting are only applicable at the campaign level.

How People Benefits Through Sequence?

Regularly, your potential users will advance through your sequencing effort, seeing the principal video advertisement of your sequence, at that point the video advertisement for the following stage dependent on the past impression or cooperation with the initial step and proceeding until the sequence is completed.


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