How To Dress Like You Were In The 60s

If you want to design or buy a 60s costume in Australia then you have a lot of designs to choose from. This was a transformative time for fashion. In the 1960s, there were several movements in a fashion that emerged around the same time. Generally, the fashion in the 60s centered on the youthful spirit revival. If you are looking for ways to dress like you were in the 60s, keep on reading this post for more information.

Choosing an outfit for women

When choosing an outfit for the 60s women, choose clothes that have bold geometric patterns and bright colors. Along with the rise of the modern art movements and pop art, a taste for bright colors emerged among the women in the 1960s. This counteracted the mild and neutral colors. When choosing a 60s costume in Australia, you can combine the bright colors with sharp geometric patterns.

You can opt for a mini skirt or a shift dress. Tights were also common during the 60s so you can match your dress with colorful tights. When it comes to tops, oversized collars will do well. Choose low block heels for your footwear

Assembling an outfit for men

Men can start with a turtleneck, oxford button-down shirt or a single-color polo. Choose slim fit pants that have a waistline that is lower. The pants should have a dark color. A three-button blazer or a pea coat will do well over your shirt. You should make sure that your outerwear is made from a different material from your pants and shirt.

When it comes to labels and ties for your 60s costume in Australia, choose wide lapels and ties. Shoes should be formal such as Chelsea boots or winkle-pickers which are formal shoes that have long tipped toes. These types of shoes began rising in popularity in the 50s.

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