Is Search Engine Marketing The Same Thing As Search Engine Optimisation?

What is the difference between search engine marketing and search engine optimisation in Sydney? Do they have any differences at all? Well yes, there is certainly a difference, even though the two are frequently found to overlap.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

This is by definition a professional and expert technical skill that relates to the way in which websites are coded. It’s a means of ensuring that a specific website ranks well on the listing of the organic search results of the foremost search engines, for a particular set of selected keywords.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Conversely, SEM is the marketing of a particular product or service via the foremost search engines, either by utilising banners, pay-per-click, and so on. It is certainly somewhat similar to physical marketing in which factors like price, USP, brand, and positioning become a lot more important.

Establishing an online brand

For businesses that wish to establish their brand across the internet, it will certainly be silly to overlook the fundamentals of SEO even if, they possess the needed budget to massively drive traffic to their websites via PPC programs like Adwords. To have an SEM campaign that is successful, you will need both PPC and SEO.


A business can utilise SEO to optimise its core keywords set which are closely related to its business, and simultaneously use Adwords to diversify into other markets thus creating more exposure for the business. You can get this kind of mix from the foremost providers of SEO in Sydney, NSW. As SEO will normally take a few months before you begin to see results, it’s wise for a business to utilise Adwords to target its core keywords at the start, till they start to rank well on the listing of organic search results. This is the secret of service providers that are able to make websites begin to rank quickly from when they were hired by businesses that have enough to combine paid SEM together with organic SEO. Results from this combination can be truly amazing.

SEM focuses on keywords

In SEM, the focus is more on keywords because marketers will have to bid for them. To obtain an SEM campaign that is successful, you will have to research for and discover ‘long tail keywords’, a term that literally refers to a much larger selection of terms that are less frequently searched. For instance, if we take our keyword to be ‘search engine optimisation’, that will be considered to be a virtually too broad keyword, whereas if we take a variation of the same keyword ‘Singapore search engine optimisation specialist services’, this can be considered to be a long tail keyword. Obviously, for every keyword that you choose, you have to ensure that it features sufficient search volume to drive sufficient traffic to your website.

Traffic gotten from the search engines certainly plays a truly crucial role in your online success. The traffic that’s generated from search engines by your hired provider of search engine optimisation in Sydney is, a lot more targeted and, you will be capable of benefiting from such visitors by converting them into your website’s opt-in subscribers, and thus future clients.

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