Know What to Do after Ordering the Quality Tank from Water Tanks Victoria

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In Australia, it is unthinkable of living without water tanks. The tanks save life and business. But before you install the tanks, you should identify your needs. Without understanding the applications, you cannot install the storage tank successfully. Generally, people use tanks for house applications. Again, you may need to collect water from shed roof or house to exercise the practice of rainwater harvesting. Additionally, you need a water supply for watering lawn and gardening. Now, if you are in the livestock business, you cannot leave the livestock without watering. So, there are various needs related to the installation.

As the sellers of water tanks Victoria do not offer installation service, you may have to undertake a little bit of hassle. The sellers can deliver the product promptly at the base. To solve things at the earliest phase, you need a concrete solution. Calling the plumber did not turn out to be a solution because he appears to be out of town. At such events, you may have to take the matters into your own hands. To understand what to do with the tanks after delivery, go through the following steps.

  1. Be a Responsible Citizen

It is important to go through the local council guidelines before starting the work. You need to keep in mind that the tank should not be very close (450mm) to the residential boundary. Of course, remove the greenery underneath the slab. Then you have to make a choice between compacted material and concrete base. Before using the concrete, you need to make sure that the soil base is compacted. And for the compacted material, you should keep the tank base away from sharp matter or stones.

  1. Pay Attention to Piping

When the fitting is pre-installed, you don’t have to rack your brain. Piping should be in a connection with the fitting. Here, the stormwater drainage system is attached to the whole process.

  1. Use the Fill Pipes

Without fitting pipe from roof to tank lid, your job will never be done. The water is for human consumption and it should not get contaminated at any cost. It is smart to talk to the dealer for understanding which type of filters is required in this scenario. Of course, don’t forget about putting the filter basket in the lid.

Tips to Remember

If you are a little bit interested in extending the longevity of the tank, you should figure out a few things. The base should be 200mm more than the tank diameter. And, the plumbing cannot be knocked under any circumstances and must be well supported. If there is no retaining beam, the base is susceptible to undergo erosion. In the end, make sure that the tank is being placed on a 75 to 100mm bed. Here, the bed consists of compacted material and crusher dust.

As you have a basic idea, you are all set to go. Of course, call a professional plumber when in doubt. Order water tanks Warragul now and stay relaxed.

Author bio: Cody Lyall is a home improvement blogger who loves to teach people about to reap benefits from the service of water tanks Warragul. Here, he discusses the vital steps to remember before installing water tanks Victoria.

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