Top 10 Specifications Of Gowning Room Furniture

Gowning rooms are made with a lot of planning, so that there is adequate space to change dress and wear the cleanroom dress. Also the furniture kept ina gown room are compliant with several standards so that nobody has inconvenience in storing, handling and safety there. Hence while planning and buying furniture for your gowning room, you must look for some essential specifications.

What are the main specifications for gowning room furniture?

The most important things to look out for while planning to buy gowning room furniture are as follows:

  1. You must see that the furniture is safety compliant in terms of handling and operations inthe lab.
  2. The furniture must be legally safe for use.
  3. Designs which offer enough elaborative and sensible storage of all items in enough quantities in the right way, and ina systematicpattern is required. The furniture therefore must be having enough number of shelves, drawers and cabinets.
  4. The built of the furniture must be made from a non-reactive material like acrylic or Stainless Steel Glove Boxes.
  5. The height of the furniture must be such that any person of average height can unambiguously reach the top shelf or top height for operating.
  6. The furniture must be designed such that it can be sanitized or purged easily,
  7. The furniture must be consuming space sensitively. It must not consume too much of the gowning room space to make it look dingy and small. Also it must not be too sleek and small to be incapable of storage.
  8. The gowning room must have sinks for washing hands orusing sanitizers.
  9. The gowning room must have benches to sit and put on the gown or dress, and must have tables to write and take notes as may be needed.
  10. The gowning room must have waste bins to collect any item that is thrown off.

If you are careful to look through these specification while selecting your cleanroom furniture for gowning, then you can be benefitted in several ways. The furniture would be strong and supportive enough to not react with corrosive items and give up. Also they would have the sturdy built to go on for long. Moreover you will be able to clean and sanitize them as required from time to time as labs need this.


With adequate storage space for different types of lab gowns, a good cabinet and storage shelf and drawer fitted furniture is a must. You must therefore look through designsto carefully select one. The soldering and joints of furniture must also be checked from time to time to ensure they are strong enough to take the weight of all items stored or hung on them.

Your choice of lab gowning room furniture must be made to utilize the gowning space most sensibly, so that you have enough space to sit, change, breathe and relax. Accordingly space saving and yet space utilizing durable furniture must be chosen for making your investment worth it.

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